Indie Games

We've been fortunate to have been able to collaborate with a number of indie game developers on some great projects:

Snail Break by The Box Fort

Released in 2012, Snail Break was an early tilt-based game for iPad released under the The Box Fort banner.

The game's art style was cooked up by Eric Kramp, an artist and developer with a strong background in animation. Andrew Coggeshall carefully dimensionalized Eric's 2d drawings to enable a deep tilt parallax effect, and Michael Stevenson wrote the game's code.


Gravity Ghost by Ivy Games

Gravity Ghost is a physics platformer game in which you play as Iona, a young girl navigating her way through an afterlife filled with exotic planets, strange anomalies, and animal friends.

The game was designed in whole by Erin Robinson, a wonderful game developer, 2d artist, and writer. Basenji created core game systems and developer tools in service of level building.

The game was released in January 2015 to critical acclaim.


Scale by Steve Swink

Scale is a game designed by Steve Swink: developer, educator, and author. Scale is a game in which the entire world is scalable, from the smallest flower to the largest mountain.

Steve comissioned Andrew Coggeshall of Basenji to develop the game's iconic "crumpled" graphical style, the initial seed of a completely new graphical genre.